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In a professionally challenging phase, Sabine Engelhardt supported me in finding new solutions. Through her appreciative and focused approach, new options for action opened up for me, which I have already been able to successfully implement in everyday life.
Cornelia Rauh-Lessig, Leiterin Produktmanagement Mobilitätskette, DB Netz


My coaching with Ms Engelhardt focused on “workload” and “stakeholder management”. Using the values square, I was able to reflect on my situation so that I found new, sustainable approaches to managing my workload. The coaching helped me to better understand the perspectives of my stakeholders. The newly-gained insights support me very well in managing my everyday professional life.
T.A., Senior Management, Financial Services, 2021

During the coaching, Ms Engelhardt helped me to master personnel challenges, to increase my leadership skills and at the same time to remain true to my personality. In particular, I was able to excellently apply her methodology for conducting conversations with employees in practice and achieve positive results for myself and my team.
Sophie Mazur, Marketing Manager, Storck Deutschland KG, 2021

The special thing about coaching with Sabine for me was the recurring follow-up and concretisation of my concerns. Seemingly effortlessly, Sabine’s friendly tracking enabled me to create a space for reflection from which the essentials grew until the path of my own growth became apparent.

Barbara Greulich, Supervisorin and Coach, 2022

Ms Engelhardt supported us in a situation of upheaval. With pronounced empathy and methodical professionalism, she understood how to lead our team through a virtual preparation phase to a cross-team workshop, even under the difficult conditions. In doing so, she succeeded in both involving the reticent and steering enthusiasm towards clear agreements and joint actions. Especially in difficult situations, she confidently moderated the group back into calmer waters.

Daniel Forsmann, Head of I.NIG 1, DB Netz AG, 2021


The methods have proven themselves in a professional context. By filling up our toolbox, I feel equipped as a coach to also conduct one-to-one coaching sessions, the systemic coaching approach has inspired me.
Michael Da Silva Pereira, Agile Coach, ING Germany, 2021

I was able to brush up on a lot of things and also learn some new things that I know/practice more intuitively – it’s nice that this has now been reinforced in such an instructive way. The days were entertaining and I was always curious about the next module.

Heike Oestreich, Agile Coach, ING Germany, 2021

With a huge new set of questions, I now feel more professional and confident with my internal clients. I was able to gain a lot of insights about myself through the different roles (coach/coachee) we were allowed to take on and through the feedback in the PODS: practice coaching sessions between the modules. My absolute highlight was the methodology: “Inner Team”.

Dorothea Grazil, Agile Coach, ING Germany, 2021

Your Vision
for 2022

I was there too and found it great, exciting, inspiring! It wasn’t boring or long-winded for a minute. And that for the whole 4.5 hours! That says almost everything. I’m already looking forward to next year and I’m already registering!
Martina Niehaus, Freelance Senior Copywriter, 2022

Creative Time Out is a great start to 2022. I was a little excited as this year contains so much upheaval, upheaval and change. Sabine led the seminar in a very mindful and appreciative way. It was a lot of fun to exchange ideas with the other participants and to work on my own collage. The year 2022 can come, I now have a motivating vision.
Nicola B. Bebbington, Trainer and Coach, 2022

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Qualitätssicherung im Coaching: Dancing in the Moment im Team-Coaching, 10/2021, Autorin der Autorengruppe ICF Mentoren


Die Bank, Warum Agile Führung Coaching braucht, 9/2019, Sabine Engelhardt


Bank und Markt, Agiles Führen am Beispiel ING, 8/2019 Sabine Engelhardt und Nadine Zasadzin


Wirtschaft + Weiterbildung, Telefon-Coaching funktioniert, 2016, Sabine Engelhardt


Page, Teamführung, 2016, Sabine Engelhardt


Page, Wachstumsschmerzen, 2015, Sabine Engelhardt


Handbuch TeleCoaching, Coaching 2.0., 2010, Sabine Engelhardt, Autorin im Rahmen einer Autorengruppe

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