Coaching for Individuals

Leadership and Personality

The world of business is changing fast and its complexity is growing. As a leader, you need particular leadership skills in order to motivate and support your employees. Unlock your full potential, and enable your employees to do the same – I will help you to get there. 

  • Value-driven leadership
  • Communication across all management levels and in a global context
  • Conflict management
  • Dealing with power
  • Interaction of closeness and distance
  • Self-efficacy and identifying with a role
  • Coping with stress and work overload


Are going to take on a new leadership role and want to prepare yourself in the best way you can? Or are you going to start your own business? New challenges arise, and new goals have to be defined. My longstanding experience and expertise will help you set the right course.

  • Expectations of your own role and reflection of your individual leadership style
  • Making decisions, setting goals, and fulfilling expectations »quick wins«
  • Identifying pitfalls and planning for them
  • Dealing with complexity and sensory overload
  • Self-efficacy and identifying with a role
  • Developing an individual communication agenda
  • Identifying helpful resources within your organization and your network, e.g. finding a mentor

Coaching for Groups

Team and Group Coaching

Synergies in teams depend on the potential of all individual team members and unfold best in an atmosphere of openness and mutual appreciation. Together, you and your team members can make use of your skills much better – I will support you to achieve this goal.

  • Improvement of collaboration and performance
  • Onboarding of a new team leader
  • Conflict management and dealing with crises
  • Determination of responsibilities
  • Optimization of self-governance within the team
  • Creation of motives and guidelines for leadership
  • »Peer Coaching« – dealing with professional issues and peer to peer challenges, and solving them together

Coaching for Organizations

Development Programs for Leaders in Organizations

Do you aim to support individuals and organizations in the sustainable development of their skills and capacities? I’m the right partner for you – make use of my expertise and my professional network.

  • “Leadership circle”: Personality, role and authenticity
  • Communication and feedback
  • Dealing with opposition and conflicts
  • Leading direct reports, leading and developing teams
  • Conversation techniques and performance reviews
  • Self-efficacy and self-marketing
  • Establishing new leadership guidelines
  • Definition of mission and vision, and strategic realignment